The world doesn’t need another cycle apparel brand | G R V L Apparel

That’s our view at GRVL. The industry is saturated with cycling brands that offer the same values, performance, style, quality and ethics with the majority of these brands using the same, identical Lyra fabric, elastics leg grips and cycle chamois pads from the industry “Best” and then produce it in the same factories.


They proudly shout about these attributes as if this quantifies their quality and justification for being “Better”. Remove the logos and make them all in black, and nobody would be able to tell the difference between any of them.


 We think it’s time for change.


Actually, we believe there is space for more cycle apparel brands, providing they break this mould of copy and paste design with a total disregard for what their products are made from or how they operate.


For decades, cyclists have been dressed head to toe in plastic as this was the only choice provided to them on the market. Synthetic fibres are low cost, great at wicking sweat and then drying that sweat fast keeping you more comfortable than a standard cotton tee, however they are incredibly harmful to the environment and take decades, if not centuries to biodegrade, putting toxins into the earth as they do.


There are however alternatives on the market that wick sweat, dry fast and are sustainable and biodegradable. These fibres are much more expensive; however, we think they are GREAT value, as they don’t “cost the earth”.


Wherever we can and wherever it makes sense, we look to use performance, natural fibres to produce our garments and accessories. These fibres wick and dry fast, have a great hand feel and have added benefits such as being naturally antimicrobial (no bad smells like polyester and nylon), meaning they last much longer. Whenever we need to use synthetics to aid stretch or performance, we make sure these are recycled from ocean waste, helping clear up single use plastic.


We also build in additional quality features and take extra care when the products are manufactured to make sure our garments will last. We only use quality assured trims and components and then add additional stitching and strengthening tacks to make our garments last for years.


We promote the fact that our natural fibres don’t need to be washed after each wear. Because they don’t attract bacteria and smell like synthetics, our natural fibres can be worn several times over without the need to wash them. They always smell fresh and while you are saving power and water by not washing them, you are prolonging the life of the garment too.


The factories we select to produce our garments are also carefully considered. We select these based on their attention to detail, quality of manufacture and skill base along with environmental credentials being powered by solar and biomass. They make for many leading, high quality athletic brands using environmentally friendly dying and printing methods as well as recycling 100% of their waste.


Even our packaging is natural, recycled and biodegradable, leaving no trace it ever existed when disposed of.


So, there is room for another cyclewear brand. One that REALLY cares about how they operate, build their products and with a very clear “WHY US”

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