We were born on bikes and have been riding all our lives. 

Every discipline, be it Racing, MTB, BMX and now Gravel, cycling is in our DNA. 

We’ve grown up watching the industry make careless choices and dressing fellow cyclists head to toe in plastic with little to no regard to the environmental damage this causes our planet. 

It’s time for change.


Most cycle wear is made from plastic. Toxic petrochemicals that pollute our planet and take decades to biodegrade, poisoning the earth when they do.

We understand the urgent need to start to protect this planet from the decades of damage caused by over consumerism and careless material choices.

We have therefore carefully selected the fibres and trims our garments are made from and built in higher levels of quality so our garments last longer to help reduce their environmental impact.


We don’t greenwash.

How and where our products are made is paramount to our values. What they are made from is also critical and we therefore strive to make sure our brand and products do as little damage as possible to the planet.

This is our brand’s “Purpose” and will always remain the driving force behind GRVL.