Ride for Christmas Socks Challenge | G R V L Apparel

 Spread the Holiday Cheer and keep riding this winter: “Ride for Christmas Socks Challenge”


Winter Gravel riding can be a daunting affair.

Rain, wind and thick mud can often tempt you to stay wrapped up inside, promising yourself that tomorrow is a new day, and the sun will most probably come out to dry the trails and warm your toes.

Problem is, tomorrow never comes and before long you’ve missed days or weeks of riding and then the thought of getting out becomes even easier to justify.

Not this year… This year is different as you’re going to enter the GRVL “RIDE TO CHRISTMAS” challenge.

Simply ride outside at least once a week from now until the 24th December and post a photo of your ride (or video) on Instagram and/or Facebook and include #GRVLCHRISTMASSOCKS, remembering to tag GRVL.apparel into your post.

On or after the 24th December, email us at hello@grvl.cc and share your Instagram or Facebook handle and once we have confirmed your rides, we will send you your unique code to purchase a pair of our sustainable gravel socks for free (worth £14:00*)


  1. The unique code will have a value of £14.00.
  2. Shipping isn’t included.
  3. One code per user and/or social media handle.
  4. The code can be used across all products across the whole GRVL.CC website.
  5. You need to email us on hello@grvl.cc and share your Instagram or Facebook handle by 10th January 2024.
  6. The code expires on 5thApril 2024.