NATURE | G R V L Apparel
GRVL use sustainable fabrics and factory based in Portugal


Yep, that buzz word that every brand now claims to be, but many simply greenwash their way around it.

We don’t greenwash. We truly care for the environment and go out of our way to make sure our brand and products do as little damage as possible to the planet. This is our brand’s “Purpose” and will always remain the driving force behind GRVL.


Most of our products are manufactured from fibres that are natural, sustainable, and biodegradable. By selecting natural fibres that grow with minimal or no human involvement (pesticides or water), we end up with products that are green to produce as well as when they are washed. At the end of their life, they biodegrade in months rather than decades, putting back the natural nutrients into the soil.


Our products are made from fibres selected not only for their performance, but also for their green credentials. Sure, we use synthetics, but only when they are absolutely essential, and then we make sure they are made from recycled ocean waste.


Our fabrics and manufacturing partners are selected because they are also passionate about how they produce too. Waste, recycling, green power and no chemicals are part of their sustainable approach along with premium quality that results in our products lasting longer and have a greener birth.


Our main supplier not only produces activewear for many of the leading premium sportswear brands but are doing so responsibly by using 100% renewable, green energy, reusing water and recycling. The investment in sustainability over the last 5 years has resulted in a reduction of 80% in water usage and 76% less CO2 emissions.


They are certified by GOTS – The global standard for Organic Textiles alongside having both GRS – Global Recycling Standard and RCS – Recycling Claim Standard that certifies and guarantees that the final product is produced using recycled or sustainable materials and that the entire production chain complies with the procedures required by each of the standards.


Our packaging is biodegradable using recycled natural materials and we produce locally wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of our products throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Being green isn’t cheap, however it doesn’t cost the earth. Making products that last longer and look after the environment shouldn’t be compared to low-cost brands that greenwash their way through this issue.


We love the playground we all enjoy riding our bike through and this playground needs protecting. How we do business and build our brand is aligned directly to the protection of our planet by doing things the right way.